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All about Squalane

Squalane is a natural lipid the body produces to protect the skin and skin barrier, as well as lock in moisture. Squalane makes up 10-12% of our bodies naturally occurring oils.

Squalene (notice the difference in spelling) is the hydrogenated (re: combined with hydrogen to make it more stable + prolong shelf life) of squalane- a naturally occurring compound produced in our sebum.

Squalene commonly occurs in plant sources such as olives, rice bran, and wheat germ oil.

Squalene, what we use in skincare, the hydrogenated version, boasts a number of benefits for you, including:

  •  emollient (softening or soothing the skin) properties - through absorbing into and squeezing between your skin cells, smoothing the texture and locking in moisture
  • highly effective antioxidant (protects and reverses skin damage from UV light we commonly associate with aging), preventing and easing wrinkles and discoloration
  • fight free radical damage (for more info about free radical damage click here)

Who should use squalanes?

Squalane is very low risk as an irritant an is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Squalane is highly recommended to those of us who tend to have dry skin or trouble with skin texture inconsistency.

But be mindful! Because it is naturally occurring in your sebum, excess of squalane can contribute to breakouts if you are prone to oily skin or clogged pores.

Squalane is a key ingredient in our revitalize vitamin C serum.