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Hello Botanical Skin Care Lovers,

 I’m writing this email to announce that my site will be shutting down for a while with a possible comeback next spring.

 This project started as a family affair in the beginning of Covid days when my daughter was laid off from her job and we needed creative ways to stay busy and try to make things happen.  As time has passed, Ruby has moved on, gone back to school full time.  I have been neglecting  this business and going all out in my other ecommerce store, PerfectlyScentsable.

 I love these products and am very proud of them!  When I return, I really want this little business to step it up.  I want nicer labels, I don’t love the paper ones we started with but never got around to upgrading.  Want products boxes that will support me selling wholesale to stores (I have my eye on some small business programs at Oregon grocery stores to start). I want consistent photos that I am proud of on my website.  My daughter took gorgeous ones for the original products, then I added a bunch of other things and took *ahem* less gorgeous photos.

 As my other business has grown so much, I have learned a lot.  I know if I can regroup and apply the concepts and structure that have helped that other business grow to the botanical skin care here, I can build something pretty great. 

 The products are really special and I need to honor that work by doing better work on the backside of the business.  I am learning how to find, hire and keep the right employees after years of trying to do everything alone.  Getting out of my own way is the theme of the year!

 I will email a lot for the next few weeks and then deactivate the site on July 15 at midnight.

For now, everything here on the site is 40% off.  I have added the products from Remedy Botanicals to that my other site and will sell them for there, in the existing packaging at regular prices. 

Also, I would really appreciate any and all reviews you can leave for products you've loved over the years.  I will reactivate the new website with the reviews intact and reviews are really the golden ticket to sales online.  If you can take a second to review, it's the most helpful thing for any online business.

Thanks so much, I'll be back!

ūüíē lynn