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Tamanu Oil (Calophyllum Inophyllum)

Tamanu oil is pressed from the nuts of Calophyllum Inophyllum- a tropical evergreen, Southeast Asia native.

Tamanu is very low in comedogenic cell structure, meaning it is very unlikely to clog sensitive pores. In past trends in skin care, oil was considered the enemy of clear, healthy skin, and products without oil were considered desirable.  We heard the term non comedogenic as a selling point.  This trend was oversimplifying.  Many oils have been long valued as healing and soothing for skin, and all oils are not equal!

All oils will have a moisturizing component, but tamanu oil especially potent as it has a higher fatty acid content than most carrier oils - making this oil specifically ideal for dry skin.  This powerful oil also stimulates collagen production + cell turnover - making it a helpful ingredient to lighten scars and discoloration, tighten skin, and prevent signs of aging.

Tamanu oil works against bacteria commonly associated with acne development- making it a strong component in treatment and maintaining clear skin.

Like many oils we use, tamanu (callophyllym) is a strong antioxidant - protecting skin from environmental damage, such as pollution and free radicals.

Callophyllum contains callophyllolide, a molecule that has been shown to provide a very similar treatment to skin as hydrocortisone - furthering its efficacy as a healing agent and anti-inflammatory.

You can find Tamanu oil featured in both of our currently offered facial cream products, Rehab and Revive.

All of Remedy Botanical products are offered in sample/travel sizes so you can see, feel and experience them before you invest in a full size product.