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Calendula Officinalis

Calendula (Calendula officinalis, Asteraceae) is a small, yellow flower of the marigold family.

Not to be mistaken with the common garden plant, calendula officinalis is a certified apothecarian plant that has been used for centuries topically and through ingestion to support the immune system, heal burns, reduce inflammation, treat open wounds.

Calendula’s long history of use in botanical medicine gives it a strong portfolio as a skin care component.

Remedy Botanical’s Calendula is sourced from farms in Albania, where it is native to and can be grown without negatively impacting the surrounding environment

Calendula is a powerhouse of an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic when applied topically. The below three active ingredients in calendula extract are (naturally occurring) chemicals –

Oleanic acid glycosides are naturally occurring carbohydrates called saponins, found in the majority of plants. Saponins are potent in healing properties for the skin and have a healing affect through anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial functions, as well as cell regeneration in the epidermis in wound healing - in this case blemishes, acne, inflammation, redness. Saponins have a “foaming” quality that, when used in skin care, absorbs and whisks away toxins, dirt, debris, and oils, maximizing absorption of the active ingredients of calendula extract. Oleanic acids glycocides are also very neutral in pH, making them suitable for all skin types.

Triterpines are also shown to favor wound healing and clarifying affects to the skin. More importantly, however, the antioxidants in triterpenes aide in repairing skin damage caused by harmful UV rays and free-radical attack, as well as prevent further damage through collagen stimulation and distribution. This makes Calendula products such as our Rehabilitate Calendula Cream a potent healing agent for dry and sun damaged skin in particular. 

Lastly, Calendula is full of flavonoids.

Flavonoids, in short, are natural plant pigments, and are responsible for the rich colors in fruits, vegetables, plants. In plant life their purpose is to protect the flora from environmental stress through their impressive roster of antioxidants. In skincare, flavonoids have the same affect. Often also delivered through green tea extracts as well as honey, they are suggested to protect the epidermis from UV radiation, in turn evening the complexion, aiding in healing of blemishes, and slowing signs of aging. Some flavonoids are considered anti-viral as well as anti-carcinogenic.

Calendula extract is a superhero of skin healing and regeneration!

Regular integration into your skincare routine brings noticeable results, particularly as a night cream or in dry climates.

Best of all, calendula is notoriously mild, making it suitable for most sensitive skin, including eczema, and psoriasis.

We love calendula!  Our product that features calendula is rehabilitate