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About Remedy Botanicals

Remedy Botanicals started as a passion - for skin, for the legacy of natural ingredients used by civilization for hundreds of years. In a rapidly changing internet era, we are experiencing arguably the most positive problem: information overload. There are so many options, buzzwords, products, and brands to choose from. While this is a blessing, the idea of "natural" skincare has come to have a wide variety of meaning- if everything is natural... How natural IS it? Where do our favorite products come from? While the ingredients are natural, where do they come from? How are they grown? Is it ethical? Is it sustainable? Are we putting our business (and money) where our mouth is?

      The seven products we are launching today are ones truly embedded in our family history. My mother, and other half of this business operation, stumbled into them twenty some odd years ago. A long time friend's business, Body Time, of Berkeley, carried them long before we did. Bay Area born and raised, they were a household staple for us, a medicine cabinet essential, a permanent bathroom feature, and a key part of my development of self care as a child. We carry Body Time's essence near and dear to our hearts in inspiration - minimal, elegant products, and a personal touch that comes from years of dedication to a business and industry. Body Time opened its doors in 1970 - selling the natural skincare we now offer to you, and fragrances as well as bath and body products, on Telegraph Avenue. Not one but two of my siblings worked in the shops on and off my whole childhood - I still keep the empty bottle of my first signature scent, Lovespell, on my vanity. While Body Time eventually was sold after remaining family owned for three generations, the legacy lives on. We hope to pay homage to them and their history, in our own way.

    Remedy Botanicals products are sourced from farms that our factories have had relationships with for up to thirty years- many are family owned and run.Keeping our farms and sources localized does a few things that align with our values as a company under transparency and sustainable sourcing. These farms grow our essential ingredients in their natural habitats - thus severely cutting back on ecological strain that comes with cosmetic ingredient production in their nonnative environments. This also means that we keep our investments circulating in localized and grassroots farms and agriculture, support local economy, and support the longevity of both these local markets, as well as our own.

    Our initiative, ultimately, is to empower you. Knowledge is power. If we have done one thing over the course of developing and now launching this company, it's learn. A lot. About our ingredients, about skincare, about our customer base, about botanical history and application. As we mature as a business we aim to keep education at the forefront of our operations - we want YOU to understand the who, what, where, and why of the products you use. Who grew it? What is it? Where is it grown? Why does it work? Through our social media presence and marketing, we strive to create a platform and archive of this information, to share with you, to empower you to take care of your skin, and to find your Remedy.

Thank you, wholeheartedly, for the support, and welcome! We couldn't be more excited.

Love, love, love,

Ruby and Lynn, the Remedy Team